Between us, we have a good deal of experience in design and construction of small and large properties. 

We like to work on exciting building projects and we work with a good network of architects and designers that can help make a great project even more special. 

Get in touch with us and find out how we can help you with your dream home. We provide turn-key services from design to completion.

A hip-roof barn dominates the landscape around State Bridge Farm. We replaced several structural beams in the big barn, rebuilt the doors and replaced damaged siding.

The farmhouse is undergoing renovations. We have re-planted a fruit orchard that had grown wild. The new orchard contains varieties of apples, cherries, peaches, pears, apricots, berries and grapes. A garden patch supplies herbs and vegetables. Giant old maple and walnut trees also provide a good serving of  sap water in the spring.

Our main crops include hay, corn, rye, oats and soy bean. We use these ingredients in our high quality products.

Fixing our roofs! This past winter has been especially harsh and the slate roofs have sustained quite a bit of damage. We require special equipment to hoist us 45' up in the air to reach the barn roof.

Keeping us rolling! Our vintage equipment, some of which dates to before WWII, requires constant maintenance and repair.

Happy animals! We spend a lot of time caring for our animals. We maintain an active enrichment program and make time for individual attention to all our residents.

We repaired leaking roofs and reconstructed stables that had fallen down, creating pig pens and an aviary.

Residents now include a black pony named "Tina", the pot-bellied "Ms Piggy" and her babies, a small village of rabbits, chickens and flightless pigeons, and other birds.

We grow vegetables and fruits like grapes, figs, mulberries, a variety of citrus, bananas and avocados.

Fixing our walls! The main building needs to be "repointed" - this is the process of replacing the mortar between the stones in order to seal the building. Without this the building slowly deteriorates as water leaks between the stones.

Watering our plants! Our plants need a constant supply of water so we have restored large underground water wells and we are planning to create an irrigation system that will replace manual watering.

Restoration Projects

We are two guys that met in Austin, Texas, who are restoring our family farms and have set out to restore them as living representations of a healthy, traditional lifestyle.

David grew up on the family's dairy farm in upstate New York and has dreamed of restoring his country lifestyle since governmental buyouts in the 1980's saw an end to their dairy production.

Antoine also grew up on a farm, on the islands of Malta. His farm raised broiler chickens but they also took in unwanted exotic animals left behind by travelling circuses. They included monkeys, big cats, crocodiles and many others. He later went on to study animal behavior and received a PhD for his work with chimpanzees. Antoine continues to do research at Cornell University.

State Bridge, NY

Iklin, Malta

This structure is an "Ghorfa", traditionally used for feed storage. It was also used as a place for the farmer to take shelter from the elements while working the fields. The building itself dates back to the 15th century and would have housed a variety of animals.

It was built using hand cut limestone and all restorations were done in accordance with original methods whenever possible.


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